For several years, Maison Ruinart is (re)thinking its way of crafting its cuvées, questioning its expertise, adapting its savoir-faire to what nature offers for a more conscious and elevate champagne experience. This year, Maison Ruinart’s commitments takes a new meaning, deeper and more personal proposing a more hedonistic and sustainable festive season, that places nature and our loved ones at the core of our thoughts and actions.


Both visionary in its elaboration and singular in its tasting, the cuvée Blanc de Blancs, 100% chardonnay, is the emblem of Ruinart taste. This delicate wine is characterized by its freshness and roundness.

In 2022, the Maison Ruinart revealed Dom Ruinart 2010, the consecration of a great year of Blanc de Blancs: an intense golden yellow colour, floral and mineral notes, an aromatic intensity mixing aromas of fresh fig tree leaf, black tea and fresh spices. Born from nature, elevated over time, Dom Ruinart 2010 is the combination of a vintage in tension and a major oenological change, the cork draw, bringing even more complexity to the wine, and the return of manual disgorgement. 

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs
Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2010


Since 2020, as part of its ongoing eco-design approach, Ruinart has committed to replacing all its single-unit gift boxes with an authentic, innovative alternative.

To envelop its emblematic cuvées, Ruinart has imagined the second-skin case: a case moulded to the shape of the bottle. Aesthetic and functional, the case can be kept until tasting, preserving the integrity of the Ruinart taste. Suitable for cellar and refrigerator storage, this innovation also withstands the humidity of an ice bucket, offering a new serving ritual. 

The chawlk wrap, specific to Dom Ruinart cuvées, has been designed in line with this innovation. Soft to the touch, velvety like chalk, it adorns this exceptional bottle.

These 99% paper and recyclable cases crystallize the Maison's commitment to sustainability and offer a new, eco-responsible art of gifting.