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Ruinart x Big Time Studio

Ruinart x Bigtime Studio

Inspired by the fragile strength of glass and how it plays with light, the creative duo Bigtime Studio, part of the Ruinart Studio, worked on the thematic "Imagining an elevated upcycling idea of Ruinart's iconic bottle"

The Artwork

Bigtime Studio imagined a surprising assemblage around the iconic Ruinart bottles by creating a luminous and unexpected centerpiece. The creative duo recovered existing bottles to bring them back to their essence, shape and color, and give them a fresh look and a new function by deforming and questioning their primary qualities.

Glass is an inspiring material for artistic creation, thanks to the incredible diversity of shapes it can be given and its ability to play with light, by diffracting, reflecting, or transforming it.

Playing with reflection, light, and transparency, the creative duo invites us to look at things with more attention and curiosity, to see the beauty of the lines and shapes in the objects that surround us.

Ruinart's commitment to the preservation of nature and know-how is historically rooted. By recovering existing glass bottles and giving them a new function, the Maison strengthens its sustainability commitments.

Bigtime Studio

Bigtime - Marion Flament and Jimme Cloo - is a scenography and design studio taking an evolutionary, creative and technical approach to culture, lifestyle and art. As a key material, light is at the centre of its methodology.

To produce this artwork, the creative duo drew the shape of the sculpture, first in abstract pencil, then by using 3D modelling software to imagine the assembly possibilities of the Ruinart bottles. Then they worked in collaboration with glassblower Stéphane Rivoal, from the Sillicybine workshop. 


Ruinart Studio

Maison Ruinart has a very special and longstanding relationship with the world of art, now supporting emerging contemporary artists from all around the world.

Few years ago, the Ruinart Studio was born. In collaboration with Fisheye agency, the creative lab of the acclaimed magazine and art gallery, the program commissions young talents, from a stylistic diversity, to bring an original and creative perspective on the Maison’s universe, thus encouraging the constant renewal of artistic creation.

The unique and long-lasting relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster that would embody the Maison.

Ruinart x Bigtime Studio
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An elevated upcycling idea of Ruinart's glass bottles

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