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Ruinart and Art

Ruinart and Art

Ruinart has a longstanding relationship with the world of art. It was founded in the century of the Enlightenment, when intellectuals, philosophers and artists were raising questions about the world, contributing to defining the French art of living. Giving substance to this art and developing it became an inherent mission for the Maison.

Ruinart's first advertisement Alphone Mucha's poster

The very special relationship between Maison Ruinart and the art world began during the reign of Louis XIV. When Dom Thierry Ruinart—the uncle of Ruinart’s founder—became Maître d’art (“Master of art”) in 1674 aged 17. Since then, Ruinart’s descendants, who oversaw the eponymous Maison, kept close ties with the creative arts.

In 1896, André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create the first advertisement for Ruinart. He designed a poster embodying the Maison that had a huge impact. Displayed on the cylindrical outdoor Morris columns around Paris, the work set in motion Maison Ruinart's longstanding relationship to the art world. 

The House thereby demonstrated its qualities of innovation and audacity as Mucha later became a leading exponent of the Art Nouveau movement. 

Carte Blanche

Each year, Ruinart commissions some of the world’s finest contemporary artists, giving them "Carte Blanche" to pay tribute to the Maison’s cuvées, history and legacy.

The artists amble through the vineyards, explore the cellars, observe the expressions and gestures of those who work there, and share their vision of the champagne House.

Since 2008, Ruinart has established 12 Carte Blanche projects.

Ruinart Young Talents

Ruinart is committed to supporting an emerging generation of creative talents. The Maison is developing a programme for local talents in Paris, Los Angeles, Kyoto and Moscow, providing a platform for expression and visibility

The Maison also commissions young photographers, from a wide geographic and stylistic diversity, to bring an original and creative perspective on the Maison’s universe.

The works, produced after an immersive trip in Champagne, are then released on the Maison’s social channels.


Ruinart Studio

From the commitment to support new generations of artists, the Ruinart Studio program was born. The program aims at commissioning artists to upcycle the iconic objects that shape the Maison's identity, offering them a new look and allowing for a lifetime use.  

This commitment to upcycling echoes the environmental challenges that motivate and drive Maison Ruinart on a daily basis. 


Ruinart created the Prix Maison Ruinart, with support from the Picto Foundation. 

Each year, this prize rewards an emerging photographer by offering him or her an artistic residency in Reims. The works produced are then exhibited at Paris Photo and other major art fairs. 

The 2019 edition winner was Elsa Leydier. The French photographer is interested in how the power of photography can be garnered to represent specific places, and highlights the role of images in how the perception of a natural environment is constructed.
Invited to join the harvest in Champagne, she delivered her artistic vision of the connection between nature and the people who work with the vines.

The Countdown The 300 years of Maison Ruinart

The Maison has started a countdown to its 300th anniversary, which it will celebrate in 2029.

Every year until then, Maison Ruinart will unveil a new artistic or architectural project in Champagne that combines innovation, creativity and sustainability.

This project enables Ruinart to present its heritage, history and know-how from a series of innovative angles, through the vision and preferred medium of the chosen artist.

The first, "Retour aux sources", is an immersive installation created by a duo of up-and-coming artists who achieve surprising results by sustainably combining technological innovation with art.  

Art fairs

Ruinart is partnering with more than 35 major fairs around the world, all of which represent the excellence and diversity of artistic practices.

Each year, the Maison exhibits its "Carte Blanche" artists as well as its young talents, participating in a constant renewal of artistic creation.

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