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Jeppe Hein | Ruinart Carte Blanche 2022


As part of the Carte Blanche program, Jeppe Hein imagined an artistic installation that translated his sensorial journey at Maison Ruinart in Champagne. Making and tasting champagne – from the moment the grapes are harvested to the moment the wine sparkles in mouth – is a total sensory experience.

Jeppe Hein x Ruinart

To renew the experience of nature and bring it into our daily life, Jeppe Hein uses “fragments of matter and emotion” that awaken our senses and connect us to ourselves and the world.

Right Here, Right Now is a participatory installation that summons the four elements – earth/soil, water/rain, air/wind and fire/sun – essential to champagne making.

To make this experience accessible to all, Ruinart imagined a digital extension to it.

The artist Jeppe Hein


Based in Berlin, the Danish artist is a witty heir to the conceptual art and Minimalism of the 1970s.

His participatory dimension is at the heart of his work, just as his interest in the five senses and the four elements can be found in his installations. Among the most populars: the water pavilions Appearing Rooms, the mirror labyrinths, the Modified Social Benches, and the global project Breathe with Me, that invites audiences to paint their own individual ‘breath’ and visualize the resultant relation between all living being.

He made his name with art pieces whose apparent simplicity changes the viewer’s relationship to their surrounding and encourages dialogue.

A great practitioner of yoga and meditation, Jeppe Hein integrates these teachings into his artistic approach. He also loves nature, which he considers a refuge to recharge his batteries.


Right Here, Right Now

This is an invitation to embrace the moment.
To activate all our senses.
To open our hearts and reflect.
We are right here, right now.
We share this moment: by listening to our inner sensations,
tasting an artistic experience, watching our reflections
and contemplating our thoughts.
We are connected to the elements: earth, air, sun and water.
We are connected to each other.
We are connected to our deeper selves.
And this experience lifts us up,
like champagne bubbles floating in the air.