In the face of climate change, our generation has the duty to reinvent its expertise in order to preserve the natural balance that underpins the excellence of Ruinart wines.

Maison Ruinart's commitment to the preservation of nature and know-how is historically rooted. Since its inception in 1729, the House has always considered terroir and ancestral know-how as the base for its exceptional wines. In response to the global environmental challenges, Maison Ruinart has made strong commitments to carry out numerous transformations with a positive impact on the world.

restoring biodiversity

The Maison adapts to a changing ecosystem and encourages the return of biodiversity by adopting alternative and innovative viticultural methods.


As pioneer in climate awareness in Champagne, Ruinart has been innovating for over 10 years to reduce the climate impact of its entire activity, across its entire value chain, gesture by gesture.

sustainable production

Ruinart is reinventing its savoir-faire to recreate harmony between viticulture and nature, to encourage biodiversity in its vineyards, and to ensure soil revitalisation for future generations.

recycling packaging

Maison Ruinart makes eco-design and local procurement a priority, for the manufacture of its packaging and presentation material.

second skin

In 2020, Maison Ruinart is strengthening its endeavours in the field of packaging by offering an innovative and eco-designed alternative to single-bottle boxes.

contemporary art

From its partnership with Alphonse Mucha in 1896, the Maison has continuously collaborated with a variety of artists to reinterpret its world, sensitize the public to climate issues, and transmit a conscious art of living.


By bringing authentic gastronomy and sustainable art in its "Food for Art" program, Ruinart is giving itself the means to convey its vision to a community of epicureans who share its values and commitments.