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Ruinart and Art

Ruinart and Art

Ruinart’s relationship with Art is historically rooted. Founded in the Age of Enlightenment, in a world of ideas, exchanges and culture, the Maison has never stopped developing and promoting an art of living that is dear to it.

Ruinart's first advertisement Alphone Mucha's poster

Ruinart has a longstanding relationship with the world of Art. Demonstrating audacity and innovation in its choices, the Maison commissioned the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to design its first advertisement in 1896. Exhibited from the Morris columns in Paris to the summit of the Mont Blanc, the poster created a sensation. The artist then became the leading figure of the Art Nouveau movement.

The connection between Ruinart and art has remained strong ever since, maintaining close links with contemporary art. The Maison regularly commissions the artists of its time to share their vision on its legacy.

Carte Blanche

Trustful that art can enlighten and connect us, Ruinart gives Carte Blanche to leading contemporary artists to pay tribute to the Maison’s legacy.  

Chosen for their commitments to sustainability, the artists are invited to Reims for an immersive journey to discover the Maison, its vineyards and its Crayères. They then share their vision of the work  in the vineyards and the elaboration of the wines. Their artworks echo Ruinart’s values, raising awareness about climate change.

Since 2008, Ruinart has established 12 Carte Blanche projects. In 2021, the artist David Shrigley, who is used to observe his surroundings with incomparable irony, fixes his gaze upon the longstanding Maison through a set of 42 works.

Ruinart Young Talents

Ruinart is committed to supporting an emerging generation of creative talents. The Maison is developing a programme for local talents in Paris, Los Angeles, Kyoto and Moscow, providing a platform for expression and visibility

The Maison also commissions young photographers, from a wide geographic and stylistic diversity, to bring an original and creative perspective on the Maison’s universe.

The works, produced after an immersive trip in Champagne, are then released on the Maison’s social channels.


Ruinart Studio

In 2021, the Maison created the Ruinart Studio program, that aims to commission young talents to imagine beautiful and useful creations, reusing materials from Ruinart’s activities.

Their creations stand at the crossroads between art and sustainability, while also respecting the values dear to Maison Ruinart of innovation, ingenuity and creative intelligence. Expanding the limits of what is possible, new usages and visions are translated into poetic works of art. 


In 2018, Ruinart created the “Prix Maison Ruinart”, with the support of the Picto Foundation.

Each year, this Prize is awarded to an emerging photographer whose works, produced during an artistic residency in Reims, are presented for the first time at Paris Photo. They are then exhibited at other major art fairs.

This Prize is part of a sustainable and committed patronage that aims to identify, and locally help emerging talent who share Ruinart’s values.

The Countdown The 300 years of Maison Ruinart

Maison Ruinart will be celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2029 with a commemorative countdown strongly focusing on art.

Until 2029, 10 artworks will be commissioned and unveiled in the heart of the Champagne region where the Maison has its roots. Each will perpetuate the enlightened vision carried by Ruinart since being created and will enrich its symbolic heritage through a dialogue between art, nature and technology.

This year, visitors at Maison Ruinart in Reims can experience the performance “Movement” on site using the Aerocene app, which documents the artwork produced by Tomàs Saraceno. Through the flight of a floating structure, the artist illustrates the impact of climate change on vines.

Art fairs Ruinart

Art fairs

Ruinart is present in more than 30 international art fairs in Europe, Asia and the United States, including the most prestigious: Art Basel, Frieze, FIAC…

These renowned events represent the excellence and diversity of artistic practices.

Each year, the Maison exhibits the works of the artistic reinterpretation of the Carte Blanche artist of the year.