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You will find below the material available on the permanent installation Movement created by Tomás Saraceno with Aerocene for Ruinart: digital press release and HD visuals.


Tomás Saraceno with Aerocene for Ruinart

Born from collective concern about the impact of climate change, the permanent installation Movement created by Tomás Saraceno with Aerocene for Ruinart highlights the urgency of the climate challenges we are facing, calling on us to free the air of fossil fuels. Lifted only by the air and sun and moved by
the wind, this augmented reality Aeroglyphic sculpture will be formed by a site-specific trajectory made with the Aerocene Backpack. Movement builds momentum for expanding our environmental imaginaries, leaving a poetic trail in the sky above Maison Ruinart and its vineyard that visitors can see using the Aerocene App.


At dawn, as nature slowly awoke, Tomás Saraceno gathered a small team in the heart of the vineyard at Maison Ruinart to release an aerosolar sculpture that, warmed by the rising sun and moved by the winds, floated into the atmosphere.

Composing a unique artwork that drifts with no physical trace, Saraceno uses the movement of the Aerocene Backpack as an artist’s brush that shapes in collaboration with the elements and gives us the chance to re-sense nature’s currents and rhythms.

A special sensor captured the sculpture’s Movements as the artist traced a unique signature in unison with the aerosolar rhythms that surge and meander through an ocean of air.


“This calls for a new era, a new way of living and relating, independent from fossil fuels, a move into Aerocene – the age of air. Moving in Aerocene is to float following winding trajectories, 

guided by the wind and propelled by thermal air currents, becoming buoyant only by the heat of the sun.” Tomás Saraceno


Tomás Saraceno’s artistic approach is based on carefully observing nature, just like the work looking after the vines at Maison Ruinart. For several years now, in the Champagne region, grapes ripen more quickly and harvest begins earlier and earlier in the year. In 30 years, the average temperature has increased by 1.3°C. This is the symptom of a wider, global climate crisis, which has led Maison Ruinart to actively protect the environment through sustainable viticulture practises fostering biodiversity. Ecodesign is also essential to its vision of packaging, while the supply chain has been transformed to focus on less polluting modes of transport.

To share this enlightened vision, Maison Ruinart has invited environmentally committed artists including Tomás Saraceno to create a sitespecific works of art in its historic terroir.

Tomás Saraceno’s Movement reveals glimpses of a new era free from fossil fuels, batteries, lithium, solar panels, helium, hydrogen, and carbon emissions.


"In my work, precision and awareness of the environment are essential. An extra degree in temperature can have an enormous impact on the texture and aromas of our wines.” Frédéric Panaïotis, Cellar Master, Maison Ruinart



Visitors at Maison Ruinart are able to experience Movement on site using the Aerocene App, which will document the performance produced by Tomás Saraceno.

The augmented reality Aeroglyphic sculpture generated by this performance will thus become part of the Maison’s artistic terroir.

It will be a reminder of the importance of the air we breathe and help building a world where species and nature coexist in harmony.

On the ground, a stele evoking the aerial choreography will completes the installation.

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Tomás Saraceno with Aerocene for Ruinart
Discover the first Aerocene flight by Tomás Saraceno in Champagne, in the historical vineyard of Maison Ruinart.