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You will find below the material available on Maison Ruinart's biodiversity project in Taissy: press release and HD visuals.


Un projet pilote en vitiforesterie...

In the vineyard — labeled Haute Valeur Environemental et Viticulture Durable en Champagne (High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) since 2014— the Maison continues to champion living soils.

To date it has gone further still, by dedicating the entire 40 hectares of the historic Taissy vineyard to a biodiversity pilot project carried out with Reforest’Action. During the first stage launched in March 2021, 4,775 trees and shrubs (96% have taken root) were planted to form perimeter hedges around the vineyard.

The initiative distinguishes itself by its size and global approach. It attests to the drive to develop this approach in the years to come and to share it more widely on the scale of the Champagne region.


In December 2021, the Maison began the second phase of this multi-year project by planting more than 6,000 trees and shrubs in the heart of the vineyard. This will reshape its physiognomy with an intra-plot hedge of nearly 450m between the rows, splitting the 20-hectare plot in two. Ecological corridors and islands of biodiversity have been created in the heart of the vineyards.

By planting adapted species in targeted places, Ruinart hopes to rebuild a healthy ecosystem in the heart of the vineyard, while ensuring optimal working conditions for winegrowers.

Thus along the road, an avenueof oak trees will be planted, in line with local urbanplanning regulations and the requirements of thevineyard.

Finally, at the top of the plot, Ruinart is helping regenerate the Montbré Forest, the starting point for the ecological corridors being developed.


By making 40 hectares of vineyards in Taissy available for this project, Ruinart is seeking to study the impact of vineyard management using vitiforestry on its ecosystems.

One of the most important challenges of the project is to measure precisely, with a scientific method, the changes the changes brought about by vitiforestry.

This project will allow the accumulation of scientific data that can be shared throughout the Champagne region for the benefit of winemakers who would like to adopt this practice.

The Maison also supports partner suppliers wishing to be part of this process, drawing on the expertise of Reforest’Action to design projects adapted to each terroir. The first such project will be launched in 2022 at the Sillery vineyard.