By Maarten Baas

It has fallen from the night sky like some elaborate meteorite, a blinding flash of lightning under the impact, just like pure beads of mercury, crystal drops have rolled across the table that has been laid. Now it shines in all its Baroque splendor, overturned on a pool of glass with icy reflections that forms its pedestal, among the candlesticks, bottles and flutes. "Bouquet de Champagne" is the name of this striking center light sculpture for a gala table created for Dom Ruinart by Maarten Baas in 2008.


    The "Melting" Bucket

    Dom Ruinart: 1959-2009, 50 years of existence, 21 extraordinary vintages. To celebrate the Cuvée de Prestige created in honour of the monk who inspired Maison Ruinart, Maarten Baas could not help but revert to the XVIIIth Century - an inventive, audacious, and refined time which is reincarnated in the Bouquet de Champagne.

    "Melting" is more than a mere champagne bucket...

  • It is a leap back in time, an eloquent variation of style, seeking to echo that art de vivre that made sparkling wine its wine of choice, a drink reflective of its own personality. During 2009, from the XVIIIth Century cooler, Melting leans over on its molten base, as do the flutes which were also designed by Maarten Baas for this tribute. Like the bottle in its bucket, they lean over as one studies the past to discern the present, as one leans towards a loved one or as flowers lean towards one another, all inclining towards beauty


    Non-conformist Artist

    Some call him the “enfant terrible of design” and place him halfway between the Baroque spirit and neo-Punk aesthetics. Maarten Baas was born in Germany in 1978. He grew up and studied in Holland, the homeland of design if there is one.

    The young man graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in a blaze of glory at the top of his year with a study project dedicated to charred furniture, simply named “Smoke”! From then on he has been collecting prestigious prizes and has been involved in renowned projects.

  • Many objects by Maarten Baas are also to be found in the permanent collections of international museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the Indianapolis Art Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

    His works in collaboration with Maison Ruinart express this implacable demand, though always mixed with an irrepressible desire to enjoy shapes and materials.

the collection

dom ruinart

New Vintages by Maarten Baas

The creation of a new vintage is a rare moment, both for the Champagne House and wine lovers who have been waiting for this moment for years. This exceptional moment is now being celebrated by Maison Ruinart, since the Dom Ruinart Blanc 2002 and Dom Ruinart Rosé 1998 vintages are being released for the first time.

Maarten Baas, a great friend of the House, has taken charge of this celebration.