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JUNE 2015

Ruinart is the official champagne of Art Basel.

As the first established champagne house, founded in 1729, Ruinart has passionately sought to foster and collaborate with artists and designers since its establishment.

Almost three centuries later, Ruinart continues to forge close links with the art world vis-à-vis collaborations with renowned contemporary artists and designers.

Each year, as the official champagne partner of Art Basel, Ruinart dedicates its VIP lounge to an artist’s work. Year after year, Ruinart expresses its commitment to art, working with well-known artists who create their vision of the first established champagne house.

Hubert le Gall, this year’s artist at the Basel show, narrates the story of Ruinart’s vineyard with a colourful, joyful, bright and lively glass artwork using the light of Chardonnay, the symbolic grape variety of the House and its iconic cuvée: Blanc de Blancs.

Le Gall’s glass artwork has been crafted at the Berengo Studio in Murano, Italy in collaboration with Fondazione Berengo.

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