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Ruinart Rosé x Soft-boiled egg, roasted polenta, feta cream, dehydrated caviar, kanafeh

The recipe of Ecaterina Paraschiv, chef of Ibrik Kitchen restaurant in Paris, to be prepared at home


Ingredients Serves 2

2 organic eggs
90g of cornmeal
44cl of water for the cornmeal
110g of feta
Dried branches of sage
5g dehydrated sturgeon eggs
100g of kanafeh
13g unsalted butter
10g of cornstarch plus as much cold water
50cl of whipping cream
20cl of grape seed oil
White vinegar

A recipe to be paired with the Ruinart Rosé cuvée

Chef Ecaterina Paraschiv explains:
« I developed this menu for Maison Ruinart's Food for Art program around the Ruinart Rosé vintage. This cuvée has notes of pomegranate, rose, citrus and a fruity acidity that pairs very well with Balkan cuisine. My approach then focused on the visual aspect of the dishes. I built and articulated all the recipes to echo the work of David Shrigley x Ruinart. For the starter, I proposed a completely white plate, reminiscent of the monochrome that predominates David Shrigley’s work. The artist’s line is materialized through the kadaïf »

CHEF Ecaterina Paraschiv

Ecaterina Paraschiv, aka Cathy Paraschiv, is like the Balkans: containing multiples, passionate, cosmopolitan and full of surprises. She moved to France at the age of 6, fleeing Ceausescu’s regime with her parents.
She has held on to the tastes associated with her roots; she opened Ibrik Kitchen in December 2018, a Parisian restaurant that gives pride of place to the Balkans.
For her, the pleasures of dining are synonymous with sharing, cultural transmission and conviviality. This is directly reflected in her kitchen, which celebrates the brut side of nature.

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Interview of Ecaterina Paraschiv

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