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The Unconventional Gallery | David Shrigley x Ruinart

The Unconventional Gallery

Discover the newly released Ruinart art gallery!

An interactive experience

Trustful that art can enlighten and connect us across time and places, Ruinart makes art fairs accessible to all with its new interactive gallery exhibition.

An unconventional way to present its collaboration with British contemporary artist David Shrigley, whose artworks consist of 36 drawings, 2 ceramics, 3 neons and 1 doorway.

The one-of-a-kind experience was created to be as true to being at an art fair as possible, thanks to an interactive real-time 3D. The virtual walk-through leads us through photo-real open spaces. The visitor can zoom on each of the artworks, and read, as in real galleries, an info card.

With a pink worm guiding the visitor, the digital exhibition is playful and surprising, and shares David Shrigley’s vision by giving life to the infinitely small and by making the invisible visible.

The virtual gallery will be presented at the major art fairs Ruinart participates to, alongside a curated selection of real pieces. An opportunity to participate in the full experience.

The Unconventional Gallery
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Discover The Unconventional Gallery

David Shrigley Carte Blanche artist

As part of the program "Carte Blanche", British artist David Shrigley presents Ruinart’s legacy through incomparable irony. His art allows aficionados to rediscover Ruinart with his quickly and uncompromising humour, shining new light upon the vineyards, the heritage and the savoir-faire of the Maison. He also raises awareness about the environmental challenges that motivate and drive Ruinart on a daily basis.

He shares his vision on the newly released virtual gallery:

« I don’t think there are rules for making art. There are only opportunities. Digital experiences are another opportunity to do something different, see things differently and, I hope, learn something new. I like that this pink worm guide the visitor : Worms are important. They help create the soil that is vital for all life. We take the soil for granted and we take worms for granted but we should remember how vital they are. »