Artist of the year with Maison Ruinart

Jaume Plensa is today known and recognized for his silhouettes of human bodies seated or kneeling who seem to scrutinize the horizon in a meditative manner, like the contemporary thinkers. 

He uses this allegorical form to evoke the spirit of Maison Ruinart and that of the person at its origin, dom Thierry Ruinart.

A silent witness, this important sculpture is anchored in the soil like the vine and in recognition of dom Thierry Ruinart’s Champagne roots. It is made up of universal language elements: signs, letters originating from eight different alphabets – Latin, Greek, Arabic (so close to the heart of dom Thierry Ruinart), but also Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hindi. 
Through the hand of Jaume Plensa, the multilingual works of dom Thierry Ruinart have been deconstructed into words and then into letters and numbers, similar to minuscule cells, all different from one another, constituting a complex entity.

The Work

by Jaume Plensa for Maison Ruinart

For the creation of this work, Jaume Plensa has used stainless steel with satin shades.
His embedded letters give life to his sculpture and subtly let light pass through. The face is not represented but suggested; it is both “the door to our soul” and “a gift offered to the people who look at us.” 
« I always believed that art was one with life »

Immerse yourself into the universe of Jaume Plensa's work for Maison Ruinart.


The box

by Jaume Plensa

The Catalonian Jaume Plensa signs the new edition limited to 20 copies of the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs box, calligraphed “Jaume Plensa for Ruinart.”

Extend your experience through Jaume Plensa's vision of the box Ruinart.