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Below you will find the material available about the artist Nils Udo and his work Habitats: press kit and HD visuals.



Each year, Ruinart invites an artist to mark the last decade before its 300th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2029. The land art pioneer NILS-UDO has been chosen to create a work of art in 2022 that reflects the House’s commitment to biodiversity.

It is in the heart of the historic vineyard of Taissy that the 3 living sculptures NILS-UDO has imagined and baptised HABITATS have been created, as an offering to nature.

NILS-UDO used vines and shoots that Ruinart’s teams had removed from the vineyard to fragment large unitary plots and encourage biodiversity. The oak trunks that support the sculptures were found in the immediate vicinity during maintenance operations by the French National Forests Office. The young pine trees used for the branches came from regenerative work carried out in the Forest of Montbré overlooking the vineyard.

Set in trunks three metres above the ground and arranged in a fan shape, the conifers form an umbrella lined with a nest of shoots. Solidly anchored in the earth, these HABITATS do not contain any nails or metal fixations.



Since the early 1970s, NILS-UDO creates in and with the landscape by borrowing his materials, petals, leaves, branches... from its environment.

« When I start a project, I don’t have any preconceived ideas, he explains. I react to the new vegetation or topographies I discover. Natural phenomena attract and inspire me. In Reims, I found vine shoots and tree trunks to design these HABITATS ».

As a pioneer of creating art in nature, NILS-UDO created his first Nest in the Lüneburg Heath. Becoming his favourite theme, the Nest has since given rise to a multitude of mineral and vegetal variations depending on the materials used.

HABITATS, the sculptures by NILS-UDO, will be visible from the road along the vineyard, encouraging motorists to slow down and observe the life of nature in all its diversity.

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Ruinart’s commitment to biodiversity is reflected in a series of concrete actions carried out in the Taissy vineyard. This historic plot of land, which has been awarded the High Environmental Value and Sustainable Vinegrowing label in Champagne since
2014, is the site of a pilot vitiforestry project. Ecological corridors have been traced and hedges replanted to make more room for local flora and fauna.

The artist used vines and shoots from the rows that have been removed to create sculptural HABITATS where fauna is invited to come and live. These monumental creations will contribute to regenerating
the vineyard.

Good to know : birds, amphibians, various mammals and insects... In total, 60 species have been spotted at Taissy, including 29 protected and 18 heritage species.