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You will find below the material available on the new eco-design second skin case of Maison Ruinart : press release, HD visuals, and digital press kit


Preserving what is essential

In 2020, Ruinart breaks with the tradition of individual gift boxes, and pushes its global, environmental approach further with the second skin case. This eco-designed casing perfectly marries the emblematic silhouette of the Maison’s signature bottle with Ruinart’s taste integrity, which is preserved until tasting.
By revolutionizing the packaging, Maison Ruinart puts its leadership role in service of sustainable development: where a big gift box made sense in the past, an entirely recyclable cloak composed of 100% natural wood fibers is a more suitable fit today. The sustainable innovation of the second skin case extolls a return to nature and to the natural: it aims to reduce waste and recycle materials without denaturing experience or taste.


Zéro plastic

2 years of R&D


7 prototypes before the final version

9 times lighter than the preceding generation of boxes

Allows for a 60% reduction in the packaging carbon footprint, based on the ADME and B.E.E. (Bilan Environmental Assesment of Packaging) methodology

100 % paper sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe

100 % eco-design

100 % recyclable


A direct hommage to the Crayères, the minimalist paper case features a silky yet textured surface that evokes the historic wine cellars of the Maison in Reims. It suggests a new gesture, at once a disruptive materiality and an aesthetic, which each reflect a commitment to mindful art de vivre.

Hommage direct aux Crayères, la coque minimaliste en papier se double d’un toucher doux et d’une surface texturée qui rappellent les caves historiques de la Maison, à Reims. Elle suggère une nouvelle gestuelle, une matérialité disruptive et un design adapté à un art de vivre engagé.

Indeed, by dreaming up the second skin case, Ruinart offers a sustainable alternative to an entire industry and heightens consciousness. The Maison wishes to open up a dialogue with the wider public and help both industry behavior and consumer behavior evolve.

"Innovative, authentic and environmentally conscious, the second skin case crystallizes our commitment to sustainability." Frédéric Dufour, Président of Maion Ruinart

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