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Ruinart Studio x Janique Bourget

Ruinart x Janique Bourget

As part of the Ruinart Studio program, French artisan Janique Bourget upcycles Ruinart’s second skin cases into a mobile suspension, allowing for a lifetime use.


The artisan Janique Bourget created a mobile sculpture from the second skin cases that wrap Maison Ruinart’s bottles. 

The soft, white and light paper case, made from natural wood fibers, offers a wide exploratory field to the artist, who gives it a second life and reveals its possibilities.

Cutting the second skin case into petals, playing with the curves, then accentuating the skin-life effect with traces of gold leaf, Janique transforms the material, sublimates it, and recycles it. 

The curved fragments of paper were leafed through and the case, like a shedding molt, expresses all the lightness of a living material. This aerial work captures the movement, vibration and effervescence of Ruinart champagnes. 

Ruinart's commitment to the preservation of nature and know-how is historically rooted. By commissioning artists to upcycle its existing second skin cases and giving them a lifetime function, the Maison strengthens its sustainability commitments.


Janique Bourget is an independent artist who graduated from the ESAD in Orleans, and has been working and sculpting for the past 8 years, with paper works inspired by the living.

With a fluid and simple gesture, she responds to the curves and folds of a material that sometimes confronts her with the unexpected.

"The constraints emerge and sometimes make us go through innovative or inspiring directions. In contact with the unforeseen, we move ourselves towards new resources” 



Ruinart Studio

Ruinart has a very special and longstanding relationship with the world of art, now supporting emerging contemporary artists. In 2021, the Maison created the Ruinart Studio program, inviting young talents to imagine beautiful and useful creations, reusing materials from Ruinart’s activities.

Inspired by materials intricately linked to the champagne-making process, from glass to paper, wood, cork or wire, each artist skilfully draws on his savoir-faire to allow these objects for a new lifetime use. Their creations stand at the crossroads between art and sustainability, while also respecting the values dear to Maison Ruinart of innovation, ingenuity and creative intelligence. Expanding the limits of what is possible, new usages and visions are translated into poetic works of art. 

The unique relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster to embody the Maison.

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