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Ruinart Studio x Cécile Gray

Ruinart x Cécile Gray

French artisan Cécile Gray reuses the bottles’ muselets to transform them into a picnic basket, as part of the Ruinart Studio program.


Through her work, Cécile Gray wants to give value to objects to which we do not pay enough attention according to her. For Ruinart, she upcycles the Ruinart's muselets into a delicate picnic basket.

With a perfectly mastered movement and heightened sense of detail, the craftswoman has assembled the muselets that hold champagne rock in place. Delicately twisted and assembled one with the other, as if they were holding hands, the muselets form a golden mesh, airy yet rigid.

Conceived as an accessory, the work is of an apparent simplicity. The mesh, simultaneously geometric and round, echoes the muselet’s original shape and the curves of the bottle. The structure is minimalist, composed with dexterity, precision and ingenuity.

At the meeting point between different disciplines (basketry, jewellery making, weaving and embroidery), this seemingly simple object poetically demonstrates the value of each element that contributes to savouring champagne. It also shows the time, patience and experience necessary to master a gest or savoir-faire.

A reference to the wire basket often found in country houses, the artwork appeals to the imagination. It is an invitation to relaxation, sharing and conviviality.


Cécile Gayraud (alias Gray) is a multi-faceted craftswoman, bringing two universes: architecture, her original discipline, and fashion. This hybride language allows her to offer a skillful balance between technicality and emotion.

She has a unique savoir-faire in the creation of metallic mesh works. 

All the value and the sensitivity of her works resides in the manual know-how, the ingenuity to tame the material, to divert them by being inspired by the other crafts of arts. 

“Before imagining this work, I needed to dissect the muselet, appropriate it and understand its properties and constraints – the length, the way it twists. It was only once I had fully explored the object that, by evoking its original form, I was able to reach the precise intersection between my universe and that of Maison Ruinart.”


Ruinart Studio

Ruinart has a very special and longstanding relationship with the world of art, now supporting emerging contemporary artists. In 2021, the Maison created the Ruinart Studio program, inviting young talents to imagine beautiful and useful creations, reusing materials from Ruinart’s activities.

Inspired by materials intricately linked to the champagne-making process, from glass to paper, wood, cork or wire, each artist skilfully draws on his savoir-faire to allow these objects for a new lifetime use. Their creations stand at the crossroads between art and sustainability, while also respecting the values dear to Maison Ruinart of innovation, ingenuity and creative intelligence. Expanding the limits of what is possible, new usages and visions are translated into poetic works of art. 

The unique relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster to embody the Maison.

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