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Ruinart Studio X Antonin Anzil

Ruinart X Antonin Anzil

As part of the Ruinart Studio program, French artist Antonin Anzil gives a second life to second-skin cases by transforming them into a bas-relief symbolizing the Ruinart vineyard.

Antonin Anzil The artist

Visual artist Antonin Anzil lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the European School of Visual Arts in Poitiers in 2010, and from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2012. He worked at the creative studio of Maison Francis Kurkdjian until 2017.

Meticulously, by lifting with a tip a tiny part of the thickness of the paper, the artist gives birth to reliefs, shapes, and patterns. Multiplying the points step by step, he creates a paper universe. On the white surface emerge inner landscapes, invented maps, secret patterns. Some seem to be inspired by the decorative Arts, recalling the motifs of wall hangings or tapestries, others refer to calm landscapes...

The collaboration between the artist and the eco-responsible second skin cases of Ruinart feels inevitable since paper is his preferred medium of expression


Ruinart Studio

Ruinart has a very special and longstanding relationship with the world of art, now supporting emerging contemporary artists. In 2021, the Maison created the Ruinart Studio program, inviting young talents to imagine beautiful and useful creations, reusing materials from Ruinart’s activities.

Inspired by materials intricately linked to the champagne-making process, from glass to paper, wood, cork or wire, each artist skilfully draws on his savoir-faire to allow these objects for a new lifetime use. Their creations stand at the crossroads between art and sustainability, while also respecting the values dear to Maison Ruinart of innovation, ingenuity and creative intelligence. Expanding the limits of what is possible, new usages and visions are translated into poetic works of art. 

The unique relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster to embody the Maison.

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