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Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin

Artist of the year 2018

Liu Bolin shares his vision of Maison Ruinart through the art of camouflage

Liu Bolin The portrait of the artist

It's hard to define an artist like Liu Bolin given his experience and the variation of his work.  A leading Chinese artist who is as much a sculptor, painter and photographer.

The Ruinart artist practices revelation through camouflage, which always reveal its presence.

Through his works, the artist transmits critical messages on political and social issues, but also on consumer society and ecology




The Chinese artist Liu Bolin used the jackets he wears for his performances to elegantly decorate ten wooden boxes, each one with its own number.

Inside the box is a jeroboam of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. These tailor-made jackets are like exceptional haute couture garments, ambassadors of the Maison Ruinart and its culture of excellence.

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Carte Blanche Annual Collaboration

Trustful that art can enlighten and connect us across time and places, Ruinart gives Carte Blanche to leading contemporary artists to pay tribute to the Maison’s legacy.

Chosen for their commitments to sustainability, the artists are invited to Reims for an immersive journey to discover the Maison, its vineyards and its Crayères. They then share their vision of the work  in the vineyards and the elaboration of the wines. Their artworks echo Ruinart’s values, raising awareness about climate change.

The unique and long-lasting relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster that would embody the Maison.