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Jaume Plensa | 2017 Carte Blanche

Jaume Plensa

Artist of the Year 2017

As part of the program Carte Blanche, the Catalan artist Jaume Plensa has created a sculpture in homage to Dom Thierry Ruinart.

A silent witness, this important sculpture is anchored in the soil like the vine and in recognition of dom Thierry Ruinart’s Champagne roots.

It is made up of universal language elements: signs, letters originating from eight different alphabets – Latin, Greek, Arabic (so close to the heart of dom Thierry Ruinart), but also Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hindi.

Through the hand of Jaume Plensa, the multilingual works of dom Thierry Ruinart have been deconstructed into words and then into letters and numbers, similar to minuscule cells, all different from one another, constituting a complex entity.

Jaume Plensa The portrait

Jaume Plensa is one of the most important actors on the contemporary art scene.

Art, and especially sculpture, have allowed him to put his multiple aspirations into practice. His work is characterized above all by language.

He is now known and recognized for his silhouettes of human bodies seated or kneeling who seem to scrutinize the horizon in a meditative manner, like the contemporary thinkers. His sculptures play on the relationship between words, signs and the human body and have become signatures.


The Catalonian Jaume Plensa signs the new edition limited to 20 copies of the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs box, calligraphed “Jaume Plensa for Ruinart.”

Consistent with his work based on a mosaic of letters and numbers in cut metal, the frame of this precious box lets light through to reveal a magnum of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs: a homage to the shining sparkle of the Chardonnay, the legendary grape variety of the Maison. With an exceptional aromatic freshness, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is a subtle combination of elegance and lightness.


Carte Blanche Annual Collaboration

Trustful that art can enlighten and connect us across time and places, Ruinart gives Carte Blanche to leading contemporary artists to pay tribute to the Maison’s legacy.

Chosen for their commitments to sustainability, the artists are invited to Reims for an immersive journey to discover the Maison, its vineyards and its Crayères. They then share their vision of the work  in the vineyards and the elaboration of the wines. Their artworks echo Ruinart’s values, raising awareness about climate change.

The unique and long-lasting relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster that would embody the Maison.