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Share More Than A Gift
Share an emotion

This holiday season, tell more with less. The second skin paper case that wraps Ruinart’s bottles, represents more than just a gift. It symbolises the connection between people and products with essential, yet elevated experiences.

With several options for personalisation, this paper case is a blank canvas for a unique message, offering something truly meaningful and bespoke. A special attention for anyone who receives it.

The second skin case pays tribute to the Maison’s heritage, embodying its values and its ancestral know-how.

The shape of the packaging perfectly enhances the curves of the iconic bottle, inherited from the 18th century, while highlighting the roundness of the wine. Its white colour and embossed pattern are a direct homage to the crayères, Ruinart’s historic chalk cellars in Reims.

Share a commitment to sustainability

Ruinart second skin: a conscious alternative for gifting champagne. As part of its longstanding commitments to sustainability, Maison Ruinart offers an innovative and eco-designed alternative to single-bottle boxes with its second skin case, made of paper, and entirely recyclable.

By changing it for traditional gift boxes, Ruinart innovates, disrupts, and proves that French art de vivre can be as responsible as it is creative.

The sustainable innovation of the second skin packaging signifies a return to nature and to the natural: 9 times lighter than the previous cases, it requires 90% fewer resources to produce. This recyclable paper wrap reduces by 60% the Maison’s carbon emissions compared to the former gift boxes.

Share festive moments with your closed ones

This season brings an elevated art of serving to the table. Through its second skin case, Maison Ruinart invites you to give meaning to your end-of-year rituals, an ideal time to come together, share festive moments and spread positive messages.

This eco-designed packaging offers a new way to preserve the integrity and the excellence of the Ruinart taste until serving. Enveloping the bottle’s characteristic shape, the case protects the wine from light, resists humidity in a cellar or refrigerator, and even remains intact in an ice bucket for up to 3 hours.

Light, aesthetic and functional, the paper case suggests a new way of serving: it is inspired by the manner in which maîtres d’s wrap a white serviette around bottles of champagne.



From now on, this disruptive case will adorn all the emblematic magnum-size bottles, confirming the Maison’s allround commitment to sustainable development. Pleasure amplified by a generous format that enhances the characteristics of the champagne. Even more joy, even more sharing, and even more meaning.

The magnum format wrapped in its second skin case is available in Ruinart Brut, Ruinart Millésimé 2011, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Ruinart Rosé vintages.

Ruinart Blanc de blancs
Ruinart Rosé