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You will find below the material available on the artist Jeppe Hein: press kit and HD visuals.



Ruinart entrusted its Carte Blanche 2022 to visual artist Jeppe Hein for a new artistic interpretation of its history and know-how.

The Champagne House has always promoted art as a way to understand the world around us, connect with each other and heighten our awareness.

Jeppe Hein reflects this commitment through an installation that awakens our senses and touches our hearts, while placing each of us at the centre of a delightful participatory experience.

He invites us to feel and be inspired by the natural connections between things. A collective experience that is unique each time.

An artistic installation to live RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.



For Jeppe Hein, making and tasting champagne is a total sensory experience. He translated the essence of this into an art installation to be experienced "Right Here, Right Now".

"Right Here, Right Now" is a participatory installation that appeals to the five senses and summons the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – which are essential to champagne making.

A large mirror in the centre of the installation has a round opening for you to reach inside and take one of the four elements, which you can experience with your five senses.

This generous installation invites everyone to experience a small sensory epiphany.

On this journey to meet ourselves, the world and others, the artist also guides us with messages inscribed on mirroring speech bubble. It’s up to us to draw our emotional self-portrait with chalk on large panels whose colours and shapes refer to the seven chakras. 


Jeppe Hein was born in Denmark, where he grew up on an organic farm near the ocean, raised by teacher parents. Jeppe Hein still loves nature, which he considers a refuge to recharge his batteries.

For more than ten years, the artist, who exhibits all over the world, has been very careful to preserve the life balance that is essential to his creativity.

A witty heir to the conceptual art and minimalism of the 1970s, Jeppe Hein has since developed a body of work that always involves the public and where the spectators are placed in a playful situation that also makes them leave their comfort zone.

The artist quickly captured international attention and lined up exhibitions, biennials, and public commissions.

Today, Jeppe Hein’s studio is home to a team of twenty, including a chef in charge of preparing shared meals.


As part of his artistic reinterpretation of Maison Ruinart, Jeppe Hein transformed the wooden box containing a Jeroboam bottle of Ruinart Rosé into a work of art, exploring the different dimensions of champagne.

Echoing the sensory installation RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, the box was whitened with chalk taken directly from the walls of Ruinart’s chalk pits in Reims, giving the wood a ceruse-like appearance.

Instead of the usual Ruinart label, a rosé-coloured mirror label appears on the front of the bottle, with no writing, recalling the bubbles from the art installation.