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Food For Art

Food For Art

When art and gastronomy meet

For over 290 years, the first-established Champagne House has marked its history through artistic reinterpretations. Encouraging creative dialogue, Maison Ruinart enriches its artistic reinterpretation with a culinary experience.


As part of the Food For Art programme, Florent Pietravalle, starred-chef at the gastronomic restaurant of Hotel La Mirande in Avignon, reinterprets the theme of this year's artistic Carte Blanche through an original culinary experience.

Alexandre Gauthier (2020) Breaking free from conventions

 Maison Ruinart choosed Alexandre Gauthier, the enfant terrible of the French Gastronomy, to be the Ambassador of the 2020 Edition of the Food For Art Encounter.

At his two-Michelin starred restaurant, the Chef imagined an artful cuisine d’auteur to pair with Ruinart champagnes through an "Unconventional Bubbles" menu. 

His culinary compositions are created according to the seasons using simple local products. 

David Toutain (2019) Transcending our roots

To introduce the Food for Art cycle, Ruinart brought together Vik Muniz and David Toutain, a Parisian chef who has just been awarded a 2nd Michelin star.

They were able to explore their common territories and develop a menu based on the theme of roots...


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