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Ruinart x Anne-Charlotte Saliba - Immersive Block_UK

Ruinart x

Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Inspired by the wide exploratory field offered by paper and how it plays with light, French designer Anne-Charlotte Saliba, part of the Ruinart Studio, upcycled the second skin case to a surprising night-light, giving it a lifetime use.

Third skin Blanc de Blancs The artwork

The paper designer Anne-Charlotte Saliba recreated a new and moving skin from the second skin case, by transforming it into an aesthetic nightlight.

Paper is a material conducive to creation, which can be used in many ways and whose white color encourages imagination, perceptions, sensations, and reflection of light.

The French artist and artisan meticulously sculpted the Ruinart second skin case to upcycle and sublimate it. First drawing scales shapes on the paper case, she then cuts them out to finally assemble the pieces one by one by sewing.

Taking her inspiration from the natural fibers, the white and gold colors, the sobriety and the finesse of the second skin case, Anne-Charlotte Saliba wants to stimulate our senses and invites us to give free rein to our imagination to interpret her work. 

Ruinart's commitment to the preservation of nature and know-how is historically rooted. By commissioning artists to recover its existing second skin cases and giving them a lifetime function, the Maison strengthens its sustainability commitments.

Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Anne-Charlotte Saliba is an independent designer and craftswoman creating light fixtures and bas-reliefs and taking her inspiration from nature. After finishing her studies in applied arts, environmental design and interior architecture, she quickly specialized her work in paper, giving her a wide exploratory field for her creation.

The paper material she uses comes from sustainable forests, testifying of an eco-design desire, that echoes the environmental challenges that drive Maison Ruinart on a daily basis.

Anne-Charlotte likes to work on material that already has a story by appropriating it and by bringing it back to its essence to tell something new and to give it a fresh look and utility.

Commissioned by Ruinart to upcycle its eco-designed second skin case, the artist did meticulous work to sculpt the second skin case and sublimate it. This handwork brings out a delicacy that echoes the champagne, from its production with the care taken in the vineyards to its tasting with the finesse of its bubbles.


Ruinart Studio

Maison Ruinart has a very special and longstanding relationship with the world of art, now supporting emerging contemporary artists from all around the world.

Few years ago, the Ruinart Studio was born. In collaboration with Fisheye agency, the creative lab of the acclaimed magazine and art gallery, the program commissions young talents, from a stylistic diversity, to bring an original and creative perspective on the Maison’s universe, thus encouraging the constant renewal of artistic creation.

The unique and long-lasting relationship between Ruinart and the Arts goes back in 1896, when André Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha to create a poster that would embody the Maison.

Ruinart x Anne-Charlotte Saliba
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A new artistic life given to the second skin case

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