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Jeppe Hein x Ruinart
Carte Blanche 2022 Art Fairs Agenda

Discover where to experience Jeppe Hein's artistic installation for Ruinart

Each year, Ruinart exhibits the works of the Carte Blanche artist of the year in more than 30 international art fairs around the world.
These renowed events - including the most prestigious, Art Basel, Frieze - represent the excellence and diversity of artistic practices. 

In 2022, Danish artist Jeppe Hein presents Right Here, Right Now, a participatory installation that summons the 4 elements essential to champagne making. 


APRIL 2022
April 20th - April 24th: BIENNALE DI VENEZIA
April 26th - April 30th: GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN
April 28th - May 1st: ART BRUSSELS

MAY 2022
May 18th - May 22nd: FRIEZE NEW YORK

JUNE 2022
June 16th - June 19th: ART BASEL BASEL

October 12th - October 16th: FRIEZE LONDON
October 20th - October 23rd: ART BASEL PARIS

December 02nd - December 4th: ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH