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Liu Bolin

It's hard to define an artist like Liu Bolin given his experience and the variation of his work. Born in 1973 in Binzhou, Shandong province south-east of Beijing, he was the youngest of many children and the only one to study art, which his father believed was a worthless pursuit. He belongs to the generation of artists whose creations are intertwined with a changing China. 

On his first visit to Champagne, Liu Bolin stayed for more than 10 days at Maison Ruinart in Reims, and revealed the invisible imprint of human labour through eight images. "I was impressed by the team's expertise and how the surrounding natural resources are put to use in the production of champagne. From the vineyards to the chalk cellars, whose temperature and humidity are ideal for wine production, Ruinart winemakers draw the best from nature without causing harm. I wanted to use this series to showcase their work." By making the human form disappear, Liu Bolin trains the spotlight on the techniques and know-how that go into making champagne. 

Liu Bolin decided to pose with Maison Ruinart employees on some of the images, in order to show how humans are erased by the demands of nature. The expertise, concentration and dedication of the men and women he met made a  powerful impression on the artist. So, he decided to bring these important players into the centre of his creations. "When you see a bottle of Ruinart, it's hard to imagine the many complex processes that are required to produce it. Ruinart was the first established ever champagne house. Its  history and its values, which are almost three hundred years old, imbue the daily production process." 

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