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Hubert Le Gall
The masterpiece

Hubert le Gall, the French artist and scenographer tells a story of Ruinart, the oldest champagne house, a story that has its origins in the vineyards of Champagne. His first ideas for his work came to him wandering through the Sillery vineyards in the Montagne de Reims, a traditional vineyard of the House.

In the vineyards, he discovered chardonnay, the grape variety that symbolizes the House. Hubert’s work is always full of colour and he loves this grape’s wide range of colours that change as the seasons pass, moving through different shades of green to gold. The sun’s rays strengthen the grape’s deep transparency and luminosity which we also find in the House’s iconic cuvée: Blanc de Blancs.

Hubert pays tribute to the passage of time, marked by the rhythm of the seasons and the work of man, through this series of 12 sculptures that each represents a month of the year. The vine becomes a symbol around which the seasons flow at a constant rate, bringing the transformations needed for the birth of champagne. Man and nature are at the heart of this beautiful artistic story.

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